• A 'Do-Over' is a tool from Possibility Management in which you make a conscious decision to Shift and try over again something you would like to improve.

    The Feedback you receive from your first attempt tells you exactly what to change to create better results in your next Experiment...

    The point is: keep experimenting!

    This is not about getting it perfect. It is about creating High Level Fun!

  • What Is A Do-Over?

    A Do-Over is a Practical Application of Rapid Learning


    1. Go! This means try something! Stop hesitating. Do your experiment.
    2. Then pay attention. See what happens. See how it worked. Look for your Feedback.
    3. The Feedback is gold because: 
      1. Either your Feedback is Go!... which means things are working great, keep Going!
      2. Or your Feedback is Beep!... which means things are NOT working so great. 
    4. A Beep! is valuable because it is exact design criteria for what to change in your next experiment.
    5. Shift who you are from deep inside of you at your Point Of Origin.
    6. Then return to the person or circumstance in which you got your Beep! and say, "I would like to make a Do-Over."
    7. This is not a moment to be adaptive, give away your Center, or ask for approval. It is a moment of Radical Responsibility... a moment to be daring, and bold, perhaps even fierce, and to try again from an entirely new Point Of Origin with your new Distinctions as if you never made any attempts before, as if this is the very first time. Make it fresh. StartOverAgain.xyz. Start over NOW. The Space will shift with you. A Do-Over is a form of Conscious Theater.
    8. How many Do-Overs are you allowed to make? In the Context and Gameworld of Possibility Management, there is no limit!

  • Do-Over Experiments

    What if you created a world of relationship where the agreement was that

    you could you could try things out

    knowing that if it did not work as well as you wanted it to

    you could try again... over, and over?

    Experiment MOVIE136.00​

    Watch the film Groundhog Day... again...

    Groundhog Day might be the ultimate Do-Over University. There are so many hints, clues, wise realizations, discoveries and experiments-for-living-full-out given in this timeless story with Bill Murray and Phil Groundhog.

    The suggestion is to watch this film in your Possibility Team, and then make the agreement that Do-Overs are allowed in the context of your Team. Be sure to record your Matrix Point for watching the film at StartOver.xyz.

    Experiment DO-OVERx.01

    Do-Over For No Reason

    Do a Do-Over with someone for no reason.

    Usually ther reason you use to justify doing a Do-Over has to do with thinking you did something wrong, not good enough, not completely enough, etc.

    Using such a reason will twist your Do-Over into trying to make ammends for the way we did it the previous time. This is a distorted kind of rescuing where you try to rescue yourself from the 'bad karma' or try to rescue the other person from the 'negative consequences'. Then your Do-Over is not clean, not fresh.

    The most effecti ve Do-Overs have no reason contaminating their purpose.

    You start over from zero.

    The best way to practice delivering uncontaminated Do-Overs is to do some for no reason at all, not logic, not politeness, not to apologize, not to make things better.

    If someone asks you why you are doing something over that you did not do 'badly' the first time, you can simple tell them: "I am doing the Do-Over Experiment number one..." I might lead to an interesting conversation.

    Experiment DO-OVERx.02

    Make A Better Apology

    A successful apology is a fork in the road. It is a branch-point in your life, a decision after which you are no longer the same person. An apology changes who you are. After the apology you are the one who has apologized.

    Yes, it is true, the other person may or may not accept your apology. They may not understand you. They may not 'forgive' for your 'sins'. The weight and truth of an apology does not rest in the hands of another person.

    At the same time, an inauthentic apology has about as much value as littering or wasting other people's time. It is embarrassing to not be able to stand in your own dignity.

    How can you deliver an authentic apology? There are many criteria: authentic 5-Body presence, eye contact, vulnerable connection, dropping your armor, your reasons, your justifications, getting off your position of being right, avoiding make-wrong, feeling and expressing your feelings and emotions, becoming undefended. There are so many ways to make a weak or fake apology that this is something to take to your Possibility Team. Ask to practice making apologies with someone who role-plays the one you want to apologize to and ask the others to give you Feedback and Coaching. Listen to what they say. Make a Do-Over. Listen to what they say next time. Make a new Do-Over.

    An authentic apology is the Phoenix Process, where the ashes lie dormant and cold with no guarantee that life will return to you.

    Experiment DO-OVERx.03

    Make A Better Proposal For Intimacy

    Scan your experience for someone with whom you would like to collaboratively experience more intimacy in one of your 5 bodies:

    Intellectual intimacy - more intense explorative conversations into what is possible with clarity and elegance

    Physical intimacy - more co-activities doing things together in the physical world of building, making, cleaning, repairing, changing things and going places

    Emotional intimacy - deeper exchange of present feelings and emotions safely communicated and heard

    Energetic intimacy - expanded co-created adventure experiments in the same context

    Archetypal intimacy - resonance and exuberation from alignment of archetypal creating

    Go to someone with whom you have made an offer before which they did not accept and make a Do-Over.

    Experiment DO-OVERx.04

    Commit To A Do-Over Before You Know How

    There is this idea that if you know how to do something it will come out right each time...

    How true is that idea in reality?

    Watch plants for a while. Study the subtle behavior of animals, insects, children. Do they succeed because they know how? Or do they succeed because they keep trying every-which-way they can figure out over and over again?

    One factor in successful accomplishment is commitment without assurance, commitment before you know how.

    This Experiment is three times this week to commit to a Do-Over before you know what your Do-Over might look like. You do not know what you will say. You do not know how it should go. All you know is that you are committed to make the Do-Over at your best possible effort. Do three in a row like this. Commit first. Then make the Do-Over. Move your lips before you know what words will come out of your mouth. Make the arrangements without rehearsing the scene in your mind. Begin with the Do-Over action even if you do not feel bold or daring or certain.

    Experiment DO-OVERx.05

    Gimme 5

    Gimme 5 is a practice you can take on to reconnect to the vast resource of not knowing and to unleash your nonlinear possibility intelligence.

    The practice is simple: each time there is a request for an idea or a proposal, either from someone else or from your circumstances, do not stop after you think up one possibility. Instead keep going and deliver five offers or possibilities, each as different from the other as can be.

    At school your mind was trained to find the 'one right answer' - which, of course, is the answer your teacher holds in their mind as the 'one right answer' - and then you can stop thinking. Why bother to keep thinking if you have already found the one and only true and right answer, right?

    Well, guess what? There are actually an unlimited number of possible right answers. If you let your scanner keep scanning, your scooper keep scooping, your antenna keep receiving signals from your Archetypal Lineage and your Bright Principles, and the Vast Unknown and your Imagination and the Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO) etc... you can actually keep going for a long time. You could actually come up with five-hundred answers and possibilities for each request... but Gimme 5 only asks you to come up with five.

    (I'll let you in on a secret... I just did the Gimme 5 Practice to create these five Experiments for this Do-Over website! It really works!)

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